French Creek Elementary

From Student to Principal


French Creek Elementary is excited to announce that Mrs. Kasey Baisden has been selected to be our new principal!  We are overjoyed to have her as our new leader and are thrilled about the things she has planned for our community’s school.

Mrs. Baisden is a “hometown girl” whose journey has now come full circle.  She began her academic journey as a Bulldog student right here at FCES and attended as a student for four years.  Her first teaching job was also here at French Creek when she served as a long-term substitute in third grade.  The next year, she followed those students on and taught fourth grade.  During this time, Mrs. Basiden obtained her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from WVU with the hope of one day receiving the opportunity to lead students and teachers at her own home school.  Because she felt that a strong academic leader should be well-rounded and know each level of instruction intimately, she transferred to the primary grades. Mrs. Baisden served as a first grade teacher for the past three years and was the lead teacher in the building throughout this time, often taking on many administrative tasks while managing her own classroom and growing family.  From student to principal, Mrs. Baisden has been a shining example of what it means to be a Bulldog.

While we may have a new leader at FCES, our mission remains the same: We strive to give our students hope for the present, dreams for the future, and passion for life!  Please join with us in this endeavor to make this upcoming school year the best yet!